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     Professional Darters Of North America

    National Darts NewsRogerCarter writes "The discussion has been tossed around for years and it is time we finally initiated a plan to make North America one of the premier continents to play professional darts. No one else accept the players are going to take a chance and make it work.

    I recommend that we pool together and start an organization that will help darts grow, put darts on television, and provide a measuring tool for players to become World champions.

    We already have John Part, a two time world champion, Larry Butler, World Matchplay champion, Roger Carter, 4 time world championship participant, Johnny Kuczynski, 3 time world championship participant, Darin Young, Bill Davis, Scott Wollaston, and Ray Carver, world championship participants. Not to mention all the players that lay in waiting for something exciting to happen here in the U.S. as well as in Canada.

    It is our responsibility to ourselves to make things happen. Yes, we have jobs and that makes it tough. But if we get it started and schedule accordingly, we CAN make professional darts work here in North America.

    There are a lot of players that have been very excited about a “Pro Tour” here in the U.S. by the Professional Darts Corporation. We are all excited, but why wait for anyone to bring it to us. Lets put it together a little at a time and get it going.

    We could use the same route the PDC is using for the UK Open and the Players Championship. When we get players involved, we can find a way to coo berate with the PDC and have playoffs here in North America for the Stan James World Matchplay, Skybet Grand Prix, and possibly for the World Championships. But we need players to show that we mean business and that we are getting ourselves ready for such events. No promises on any of the above qualifiers, but it may be an objective.

    On the following pages you will find my proposal as to how we can start our own professional tour. It will not be simple, but we must try and work it out in some way.

    1. Have 10 events during the course of a year for a “North American Championship”. Use these in the same way the PDC is using the UK Open qualifiers to seed players into the Championship event. .
    2. Have 10 Professional Players championships, which will rank each player into a Professional system. I.e., order of merit.
    3. Provide ourselves with a North American Darts Championship, seeding players in accordance with their Professional Players order of merit.
    4. Each of these tournaments will be at least $10,000 in prize money paid out to top 32.
    5. Entry for these events will be $125 per event.
    6. Dues will be $250 initial fee for 2008 and $150 annual fee. It will increase to $500 in 2009 for initial fee and remain $150 annual fee.
    7. A meeting will take place at the first event of the year, electing a board of player representatives, possible sponsorships, and an aim towards television coverage.
    8. Co-operate with local organizations around the country to assist with venues, set up, coordination of event to local news media and dart players.
    9. Possibly record quarterfinal matches to put on DVD disc to be sold by the organization.
    10. And any other ideas you may have, or better ideas you may have. Lets just try and make this happen.

    Payout structure:

    1st $3000
    2nd $1500
    3rd/4th $1500 ($750 ea)
    5th/8th $1200 ($300 ea)
    9th/16th $1200 ($150 ea)
    17th/32nd $1200 ($75 ea)

    Total $9600 Payout

    $400 towards a nine-dart finish. Will increase $400 each time it is not hit.

    With a sponsor, we can increase the payouts for each of these events. This is based on 100 players per event. The additional $25 for entry will be put in an account towards the North American Players Championship. This WILL be a for profit organization with tax id, bank account and solicitor to advise on tax information at year end.

    Note: Thanks for all the hard work Roger!"

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    Re: Professional Darters Of North America (Score: 1)
    by ChadJohnson on Friday, November 16 @ 06:11:27 CST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Hey Roger,
    I think you still have the paper I wrote this out on 9 years ago, its a great thing to start, iremember talking about this to many people back in the late 1990's, good luck.

    Chad Johnson

    Re: Professional Darters Of North America (Score: 1)
    by catfish on Monday, April 23 @ 08:33:46 CDT
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    This is what the Chattanooga Dart Club is trying to get started with the American Singles Series. our next event is June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. we have picked up another sponsor and may set a date in July for our first $10,000 event. send all comments to catfish through the CDC website at We are hoping this is the foundation to professional darts in North America.

    Re: Professional Darters Of North America (Score: 1)
    by IDart4Wins ( on Tuesday, April 24 @ 04:26:56 CDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Sounds good to me,

    Check's in the mail.

    Where do i sign? >:)

    Re: Professional Darters Of North America (Score: 1)
    by RogerCarter on Wednesday, April 25 @ 06:30:15 CDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    This has been sent to Catfish with the Chattanooga Darters Club. We have been working together to try and get all players to accept the fact that we can earn good money. Cat has done a fantastic job with sponsors, organizing events, and promotions. If we can have these events around the country, then we have accomplished a great deal. I hope that catfish and myself can work together to make this as big as we wish. It is for the players. Without the players, sponsors will not come. Lets support this and get it off the ground. Catfish has already started and we need to get started with him.

    Re: Professional Darters Of North America (Score: 1)
    by Pepsidiltz on Friday, April 27 @ 14:33:09 CDT
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    That is a great idea, and even if we do something like the Holsten Permeir league, here in the states for american players only. TV would make it big, I mean look at poker, they got the tv time and you can't go anywhere without seeing poker tournement signs. I would really like to see something happen.

    Re: Professional Darters Of North America (Score: 1)
    by cranman2007 on Saturday, August 18 @ 09:18:38 CDT
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    I love it, this would give alot of us something to strive for in darts. I love the thought of the North American Championship. Having an order of merit to seed entries into it.

    You could also do something with the ADO, awarding a spot in the North American Championship to the top ranked player in the ADO that may not be a registered pro. And the qualifying events throughout the country would have huge turnouts. For ESPN or Fox Sports to not notice and give darts a real shot would just be bad business.

    We could finally show the nation that we have the same personality varieties as poker and any other sports. For there to be televised hot dog eating contests and the world series of scrabble, its an insult to darts to not be televised.

    With a few visionaries who can build this and get their foot in the door of the sports channels, we can have a sport that once televised will get kids playing in their basements, further strengthening the youth darts in this nation and the next generation of US Pro's

    Re: Professional Darters Of North America (Score: 1)
    by Drystan on Thursday, April 27 @ 12:34:12 CDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    They are really amazing and their movies are truly jaw-dropping! I learned about them when I was providing best essay help [] to one of their daughters. Really, amazing professionals at darts!

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