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    Designed by yours truly. Made by the best! These are the darts I've played with since 2005!

     Jeff Pickup Custom Darts

    Darts & Stuff of InterestErik writes "While I stood examining my new Jeff Pickup custom darts Darci asked me “What makes a good set of darts”? 24 hours later I am still debating that very question and the answer I’ve come up with so far is as follows:

    A good set of darts must meet certain standard requirements like quality (of manufacture), balance, consistency and finish. Of course, some others could be added, but those few are a good start. You don’t want your darts to all weigh something different, you want them to be tough enough to hit the floor after a bounce out and not break and you want them to be made with such precision that the tips are centered and threads for the shaft are too! We just can’t have darts that wobble in flight all by themselves, we throw them with imperfections enough.

    To start off, looking at my new darts the very first thing that struck me was their finish: they looked like a new set of darts – well of course they do you’re thinking right? But seriously now, I’ve had other custom darts but they didn’t come as well finished as these. Someone who appreciates curb appeal made these darts. So to speak anyway. In fact, I think if Jeff had the equipment to anodize his darts with Titanium finish he might even do that! They look just like a new car, ready for hours of use.

    Taking a closer look I realize that Jeff clearly heard everything I said to him even though it was all said in an email. He got the part where I wanted a slight taper to the shaft at the back of the barrel, he ‘heard’ me when I asked for a somewhat carrot shaped barrel, and his dimensions were just what I was looking for. This guy is good.

    Another aspect of what makes a ‘good dart’ is how it feels to you, the dart player. Not all darts feel the same to me, they don’t all fly the same and they certainly don’t all produce the same results. If they did, every pro in the world would use the same dart. The fact is there can be as many different ‘good darts’ as there are people that might throw them!

    What makes Jeff’s darts better or at least good? They were made for me. Sure, making a custom set of darts can be a little risky, after all you might THINK something will work for you and then find it just doesn’t. But an experienced dart player has a pretty good idea of what they like, so taking something they already throw and improving it slightly can be very rewarding. And when you have Jeff Pickup do the work, you are virtually guaranteed to like the end results.

    Are my new Jeff Pickup darts as good as I wanted them to be? Well I am not 100% certain yet, but after warming up with them and finding a shaft that worked well with them, I shot a 14-dart game of 501. My best game in 3 years! I then proceeded to hit 5 180’s on day two, a 15 darter, and finally a 13 darter! I’d say that is a good indication that they are good darts – at least for me anyway.

    So if you want a perfectly constructed, well-finished set of superb quality darts, have Jeff Pickup make you a set!



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    Re: Jeff Pickup Custom Darts (Score: 1)
    by Taechon on Tuesday, February 07 @ 05:45:01 CST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    I had my favorite set of darts copied by Jeff. My favorite darts are custom to begin with and there are no other darts out there like them. Now I have three sets of excellent darts. My originals, Jeff Pickup's new "Mighty Atom" MP system, and a fixed tip version of my dart. The fixed tip is so nice that I'm having another made with a slightly different nose on the barrel. (Just for aesthetics.) In the end, Jeff does good darts!

    Re: Jeff Pickup Custom Darts (Score: 1)
    by Biggy ( on Wednesday, February 08 @ 08:35:36 CST
    (User Info | Send a Message | Journal)
    I was cleaning out my old dart case a while ago to give to a friend in need of a dart case and I discovered something quite unusual. I found the one card I have been looking for for a long time. It was the card of the guy who made my custom conversion points I had made at the Virginia Beach Classic about 3 years ago. It was Jeff Pickup's card. I have recommended this guy to everyone I have ever tried to get to play steel tip and never knew his name.

    Well Jeff, if you read this, you told me that these points have a lifetime guarentee, well guess what, I might need to have the O rings replaced in them, they are a bit worn and I use them a lot.

    Re: Jeff Pickup Custom Darts (Score: 1)
    by sonny on Monday, February 13 @ 11:07:27 CST
    (User Info | Send a Message)

    how about posting a photo of these darts - i'd
    sure like to see them - i bet others would also.


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